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Nationals vs Giants: A Rivalry for the Ages

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The Washington Nationals and San Francisco Giants have a long-standing rivalry that dates back to their first meeting in 1969. Both teams have had their share of victories and defeats over the years, but the intensity of their matchups has never waned.

The Early Years

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In the early years of their rivalry, the Nationals and Giants were both struggling franchises. The Nationals, originally known as the Montreal Expos, were a perennial doormat in the National League East, while the Giants were struggling to regain the glory of their New York days.

Despite their struggles, the two teams played some memorable games in the 1970s and 1980s. One of the most famous was a 23-inning marathon in 1974 that ended with a game-winning hit by the Giants’ Dave Kingman.

The Bonds Years

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The rivalry between the Nationals and Giants intensified in the late 1990s and early 2000s when Barry Bonds joined the Giants. Bonds, who began his career with the Pittsburgh Pirates, was one of the most feared hitters in baseball history.

When Bonds faced the Nationals, their pitchers would often intentionally walk him rather than give him a chance to hit. This led to some tense moments on the field and off, with Nationals fans booing Bonds every time he came to bat.

The Postseason Battles

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The Nationals and Giants have faced off in the postseason three times since 2012, with the Giants winning two of the three series. The most memorable was the 2014 National League Division Series, in which the Giants came back from a 2-1 deficit to win the series in four games.

Despite their recent success, both teams are in a rebuilding phase. The Nationals lost several key players in free agency in the offseason, while the Giants are trying to bounce back from a disappointing 2019 season.

The Future of the Rivalry

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Despite their recent struggles, the Nationals and Giants are both teams with rich histories and passionate fan bases. The rivalry between them is sure to continue for years to come.

As the two teams rebuild, they will have to rely on young talent to carry them forward. The Nationals have several promising prospects in their farm system, while the Giants are hoping that their recent draft picks will pan out.

One thing is for sure: whenever the Nationals and Giants take the field, it will be a matchup worth watching.



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